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Storm Rising

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There is NO “mother nature” or “natural disaster.” There is only Father God in heaven and not one small part of any atom is not in His power. I hear desperate prayers; “Jesus! Heavenly Father!”, but no one repents. None turn their hearts to YHVH or glorify Him, though that is His purpose in the storms you blame on “nature.”  But then, He said that you would worship the creature, not the Creator. Remember?

Or didn’t you know He was talking to you?

All the tumult caused by “nature” is but the light brushing of the fringes of His glory and yet Christians await a “rapture” to avoid the very trials that they must endure if they would truly be able to stand in the Lord’s presence, as many now so foolishly “believe” themselves to be. His hand, against His people, as it always has been in order to save them. It will be terrible beyond imagining and many multitudes who say they love God this day are destined to curse Him in that day.

Are you prepared?  Are you  made holy by the baptism of fire and thus able to stand in His glory? I pray that many will be, that I will be.


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