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Storm Rising

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There is NO “mother nature” or “natural disaster.” There is only Father God in heaven and not one small part of any atom is not in His power. I hear desperate prayers; “Jesus! Heavenly Father!”, but no one repents. None turn their hearts to YHVH or glorify Him, though that is His purpose in the storms you blame on “nature.”  But then, He said that you would worship the creature, not the Creator. Remember?

Or didn’t you know He was talking to you?

All the tumult caused by “nature” is but the light brushing of the fringes of His glory and yet Christians await a “rapture” to avoid the very trials that they must endure if they would truly be able to stand in the Lord’s presence, as many now so foolishly “believe” themselves to be. His hand, against His people, as it always has been in order to save them. It will be terrible beyond imagining and many multitudes who say they love God this day are destined to curse Him in that day.

Are you prepared?  Are you  made holy by the baptism of fire and thus able to stand in His glory? I pray that many will be, that I will be.


“The Lord’s Prayer” in Am

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Invoking Wrath

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Each time Father sends me to a new place it’s as if He wipes away the  heart crushing disappointment of all previous experience in order to allow me to be hopeful and innocent each time I enter a new “church.” So each time is the same for me. I fall in love with all the smiling faces and am unable to discern a thing until Father God allows it, then the truth of each situation hits me all at once, at first filling me with anger, then knocking me to my knees in compassion.

This last time was a bit different for me because I was allowed to see everything in real time. All the witchcraft (manipulation) of the Pastor and his aides as well as all the demons in the pews. This time I shed not one tear for them there, but only prayed with understanding.

The last straw were the words: “When we INVOKE the name of Jesus, there is POWER!” I walked out immediately after hearing this wickedness spoken from the pulpit. Sadly, most reading this cannot understand why I would be so “arrogant” as to walk out of there.  “What’s wrong with that?”, you may be thinking. So, I will try to explain it.

The phrase “In the Name of Jesus” was never meant to be spoken as an invocation, that is manipulation. It is witchcraft. It is also what is taught as proper  nearly everywhere. Truly frightening! What “In Jesus Name” really means is that those chosen of God, His elect who are being transformed by the baptism of fire by the power of God’s indwelling Holy Spirit, the few, not the many, are the children of God and as such walk in the authority of His FAMILY Name.  All others who merely invoke God, having never met God personally, are called “illegitimate children”, or, “children of Satan.” “Many who cry, Lord, Lord….”

How did this grand deception happen? The short answer is that the Word of God was twisted by it’s translators on purpose. Mostly by the addition of commas and punctuation, which demons take full advantage of through manipulating the flock from the pulpit. (If you think I shouldn’t speak such a general evil about preachers near the close of the age then please read Jer. 23 and Jude, because God Himself witnesses the very same, only with far greater hatred of them visible in His Words.)

When I walked out at those words the pastor had read  first from Acts 3, then from Eph. 1. He began by quoting Acts 3;6,

But Peter said, “I have no silver and gold, but I give you what I have; in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”

And that is how the translations are inflected. But the Greek was without punctuation and I intend to prove shortly that this preacher knew he was lying, and that by his own preaching and God’s Word that this preacher avoided next, that I am not. By the Word and the Holy Spirit, here is how the same verse should have been treated;

But Peter said, “I have no silver and gold, but I give you what I have received in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.”  “Walk!”

Then this preacher turned to Ephesians 1 and began reading at verse 15. “For this reason….” The problem is that the preacher willfully avoided the previous verses which prove that the translation in Act 3 was WRONG!  Read it for yourself, please, don’t take my word for it. And this is how demons preach their doctrines everywhere. Please wake up!!!! Chances are, your pastor is MURDERING YOU!!!!

Many ways to God?

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I am convinced by the Word of Truth, by the testimony of Christ Jesus, and by all that I see, as many are (ironically, more so among the spiritually dead), that the close of the age is imminent. The prophecies in Scripture are more accurate than the print under the headlines. The enemy is operating at a fever pitch. And the hearts of all are being clearly divided into the only two camps available to mankind; faith in God or faith in self.  Eternally blessed or eternally cursed by Father God.
Those having the Holy Spirit see the madness of the worldly for what it is while the worldly spew gibberish and bitterness at the children of God openly, scorning the Truth, and proclaiming themselves “enlightened” for it, as was written. They are preachers, such as Dawkins, Maher and Oprah, and yes, even more claiming to be our brethren (Matt 24, Jude), evangelists of evil and unabashed liars. However, such are invited wherever God’s anointed are silenced, which is nearly everywhere today.  Surely such and their adherents only prosper themselves a special status in hell for their arrogance before God. May they repent of their wickedness and be saved.

So, does Oprah lie when she says all paths lead to God? Curiously, no, it is the truth. But only because it is appointed for man once to die and then, judgement. So, only in saying all paths lead to heaven does she lie, because only the few who are justified and holy to God in that day will ever see it.

That means you too, Christians, and is but one reason I fear God terribly, because I know and confess I am not yet made holy. And for such as we who would teach and evangelise in Yeshua’s Name, we are assured a far greater condemnation for error in our work. So, fellow saints, please know well what God may think of you even now and please seek all humility before the Truth with great trepidation in all that you speak and do in His Name. There is little time and perhaps even more diverse “ways” are being preached in the many churches than in the devil’s forums.  (Jude, Jer. 23, Joel 2, Rom. 1&2, Heb. 9, 10, 12)  Shalom