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“The Lord’s Prayer” in Am

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Many ways to God?

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I am convinced by the Word of Truth, by the testimony of Christ Jesus, and by all that I see, as many are (ironically, more so among the spiritually dead), that the close of the age is imminent. The prophecies in Scripture are more accurate than the print under the headlines. The enemy is operating at a fever pitch. And the hearts of all are being clearly divided into the only two camps available to mankind; faith in God or faith in self.  Eternally blessed or eternally cursed by Father God.
Those having the Holy Spirit see the madness of the worldly for what it is while the worldly spew gibberish and bitterness at the children of God openly, scorning the Truth, and proclaiming themselves “enlightened” for it, as was written. They are preachers, such as Dawkins, Maher and Oprah, and yes, even more claiming to be our brethren (Matt 24, Jude), evangelists of evil and unabashed liars. However, such are invited wherever God’s anointed are silenced, which is nearly everywhere today.  Surely such and their adherents only prosper themselves a special status in hell for their arrogance before God. May they repent of their wickedness and be saved.

So, does Oprah lie when she says all paths lead to God? Curiously, no, it is the truth. But only because it is appointed for man once to die and then, judgement. So, only in saying all paths lead to heaven does she lie, because only the few who are justified and holy to God in that day will ever see it.

That means you too, Christians, and is but one reason I fear God terribly, because I know and confess I am not yet made holy. And for such as we who would teach and evangelise in Yeshua’s Name, we are assured a far greater condemnation for error in our work. So, fellow saints, please know well what God may think of you even now and please seek all humility before the Truth with great trepidation in all that you speak and do in His Name. There is little time and perhaps even more diverse “ways” are being preached in the many churches than in the devil’s forums.  (Jude, Jer. 23, Joel 2, Rom. 1&2, Heb. 9, 10, 12)  Shalom